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Building The RAZOR Receiver

Assembly Video:

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22 MAGNUM Gen 9 Drill Fixture w / BHL

Part Number M22DF- GEN 9
review 11 Review(s)
22 MAGNUM Gen 9 Drill Fixture w / BHL
22 Magnum Gen 8 Drill Fixture W / BHL
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22 MAGNUM GEN 9 Drill Fixture Tool with barrel hole locator is designed to assist the builder in locating all bolt and cross pin holes for our 22 MAGNUM Receiver blanks. The fixture has two sides. One side is designed for drilling Bolt Stop pin hole and Trigger Group Retention pin holes. The other side is designed to drill V-Block Barrel retention holes, Stock Retention Screw hole and Magazine Retaining well hole. The fixture uses 1/8th dowel pins to locate to the body of the receiver for correct hole placement. All hole locations are easily located and drilled while using this tool except the barrel hole. The Barrel hole locator should be used to spot the front of the receiver with 1/4 inch punch. It should not be used to drill with. We recommend using a small C-clamp or vise grip to hold the fixture in place while drilling holes. Pictures or the RAZOR tool can be found on the Select Fire web page Note: even though the construction of drill fixture is aluminum it can be used multiple times to complete several MAGNUM receiver blanks. Fixture is very robust, made from 5/16ths x 1.5 wide x 7.275 inch long 6061-T6. All locator pins are hardened dowels. NOTE: MAGNUM Drill Fixture Tool is anodized RED. If you own a Gen 7 or older drill fixture you can purchase a barrel hole locator separetly.
Customer Reviews
Rating N/A
Must have jig for proper spotting of drilled holes Get It.
  Reviewed by:   from Idaho. on 12/25/2021
Rating Gen 10 drill fixture
On a scale of 0 to idiot proof it sits about an 8. Works really well for first time doing a 10/22 magnum. The blueprint drawing is very helpful, 8/10 for me and my own stupidity I couldn't figure out what the pins we're sticking out of the side for or which way was up for so long. Really nice product and should last a long time.
  Reviewed by:   from Oregon. on 4/7/2021
Rating .22 mag receiver Drill fixture
this drill fixture was a perfect guide to perfect hole drilling. At first I was kind of afraid to mess up my receiver. but this drill fixture is the light in the dark. it worked perfectly error free.
  Reviewed by:   from California . on 8/21/2020
Rating Gen 8 Magnum Drill Fuxture.
This fixture is adequate to do the job intended but if you want to use it to complete more than one 80% receiver don't use it as a drill guide, use it as a transfer punch guide only. The positioning pin design is very difficult to clamp when locating the v-block holes and the take down screw hole but was fine for everything else. It's a cheap disposable alternative to the much more expensive and elaborate fixtures on the market costing 5 times what this one cost. There were no instructions or illustrations for the use of the fixture with my kit only some very vague procedural instructions so watch the videos, links are available on the Select Fire Site.
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 5/3/2014
Rating 22 Mag drill fixture "Big Red"
I've been a jig & fixture designer for 25 years and Big Red is a great multi-hole drill jig. The layout is perfect, it's intuitive and easy to use. Highly recommend you get the drill bits kit. Make sure you measure your barrel before boring & reaming the barrel hole. Well worth it!
  Reviewed by:   from Washington. on 5/1/2014
Rating mag drill fixture
i very good quality good directions and shipping was fast.
  Reviewed by:   from cen pa.. on 3/8/2014
Rating 22 Magnum Gen 8 Drill Fixture w/ BLH
It just makes sense to get something to help in the location of the holes and the fixture does just that. There is no doubt where the holes go. We used a transfer punch to mark the holes and save the template for another receiver later on. Everything turned out great,just trying to find a stock that I want to put it in. Pictures coming soon.
  Reviewed by:   from Ohio. on 10/25/2013
Rating perfect fixture
Great product. Excellent guild, also get the barrel locator. You will not regret it. Also get the drill bits kit. Don't go to your local hardware store. Purchase it here. Save the hassle. Great price. Buy it.
  Reviewed by:   from cCalifornia. on 5/2/2013
Rating 22 mag Gen 8 drill fixture w / barrel hole locator
I am not a machinist and this device made drilling the holes a lot less nerve racking, especially with the barrel center locator - easy to use and will use again on the next build. Phil has been great to answer questions quickly and shipping is fast - first rate outfit. Thanks again
  Reviewed by:   from Jackson, TN. on 3/30/2013
Rating Template made easy
Great product, high quality and precisely machined. Definitely helps with the process of locating the holes in the proper area. Highly recommended!
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 3/9/2013
Rating test review
Adding a review for this product to see if this works.
  Reviewed by:   from at work. on 12/21/2011
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