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Large Tungsten Spring Follower 22 Magnum & 17 HMR

Part Number M22MTSF-L
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Large Tungsten Spring Follower 22 Magnum & 17 HMR
Tungsten Spring Follower
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Large Tungsten Spring Follower replaces the small Brass follower to add additional mass to the bolt recoil. This is designed to help support the tuning of .17 HMR builds and High velocity hard recoiling 22 WMR Builds. As stated, we do not recommend the .17 HMR build with our receivers due to the time consuming tuning involved. We hope this new part will assist with pre-mature bolt recoil. The units are solid Tungsten and the weights very from 61 grams to 62 grams. The stock main return spring (large spring 2.7 lbs under the rail) needs to be trimmed to 33 coils or less in length. It can be stretched to gain the required return pressure. Or you can order one of our heavier 3.1lb or 5.1 lb return springs. WARNING: You will still need to trim these springs down to a minimum of 33 coils. WARNING, You must check the bolt return cycle when installing this part to ensure your bolt has full rearward travel. If it does not, trim your return spring as needed.
Customer Reviews
Rating Just what I needed to achieve functionality
I built up the 10/22 Magnum receiver for .17HMR and was having difficulty getting it "tuned in". The best I could get was 2 or 3 shots in a row without a failure-to-feed or a stovepipe jam, or the occasional "hot one" that would slam the bolt back hard enough to cause the extractor follower to go rearward and let the extractor (and follower and spring) go flying off into the lawn. But with adding this, the fired casings have almost completely lost their "puffed" look, and I've been able to tweak on the spring weight, and without much time spent testing/tuning, I've already been able to get up to 15 rounds between FTF or stovepipe jams, and those I believe will clear up with a little more tuning and once the action "wears in" so things move more freely. But this part, this is what I needed, and it has put me FAR closer to my goal of getting it tuned in for reliable semi-auto functionality in the .17HMR caliber.
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Reviewed by:  from Iowa. - 4/1/2013
Rating Tungsten Spring Follower
I put together a 22 magnum rifle. I had problems with too much recoil causing the extractor claw, spring and plunger to come out of the bolt. Also the brass base swelled on the fired rounds, with two exploding out of the chamber. Wore my ballistic glasses - no harm to me. Spoke with Phil and had him ship the Tungsten Follower to me. I shot it yesterday and it seems to have solved the problem. Brass bases are flat and the bolt operates with no miss feeds or jams. I will disassemble the receiver tomorrow and fully check it. This follower makes this 22 magnum fully operable. Nice work Phil
  Did you find this helpful?    6 of 6 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Colorado. - 12/28/2015
Rating average joe
this part along with heavy main return spring made 17hmr work at peak performance.
  Did you find this helpful?    4 of 4 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from madison, fl. - 1/25/2015
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